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Hello, Lovely!

We are Summer and Christie,
otherwise known as the Linger-Hunts. 

We met in the fourth grade at J.E. Robins Elementary school in Charleston, West Virginia. In the fifth grade, our love of all things Backstreet Boys lead to a friendship rivaling all others. Fast forward 18 years through middle school studies, high school theatre, and separate college experiences (Summer attended WV Tech for Respiratory Therapy and Christie attended WVSU for undergrad and Marshall for graduate school for English Literature) we started dating during a random trip to Columbus, Ohio in December 2013. We were married alongside our closest friends and family in what we like to call our "Nerdy Kate Spade goes to an Antique Store" themed wedding in September 2015.


What makes us a great team that works? Our love of all things creative and our love of building relationships with others. We love to bake, travel, take photographs, craft, listen to music and read books, see theatre productions, and the list goes on.  We love to be inspired and inspire others. We are passionate people. We have a slight Kate Spade addiction. We love ourselves some ice cream, macarons, and Mexican food. We thrive when traveling to new places and meeting new people. We are passionate about our friends, family, and our fur baby (dog) Leela. We are the Linger-Hunts. And, guess what? We are passionate about...YOU! I bet you thought we were going to say photography. But what good is taking a picture if you aren't passionate about the subject? We find documenting others lives to be a highly fulfilling calling placed on our lives. Telling your story so that you may cherish your moments for a lifetime is our goal. 



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